Welcome to MacAnagram, an anagram Word Game for 1 or 2 Players! Unbelievably, I started coding this game in 1987 on an original Apple Macintosh Plus using Apple's innovative programming language called HyperCard! Regrettably, Apple abandoned development of this language which was then picked up by other Developers and finally has had its full potential released by LiveCode based here in Scotland!

The game is based around solving anagrams with clues and certain letters provided (which costs points). Its unusual aspect is that wrong answers attract slightly rude responses!

Download a MacOS X or Windows version from the links below and unzip them. Once you have played and Quit the game, four important files will be generated which are required to re-load Scores and Players. If you download an updated version of the game and want to save your scores, remove these files from their resident folder and put them back in their original positions in the new version folder.

Mac users should change their Privacy Settings to "Allow Apps downloaded from: Anywhere" as this App is not available from iTunes.

Current version is 1.2 with Dictionary Version 49.620

NEW! The latest version for Mac and PC (1.2 beta) has: internet connectivity so you can play with the latest Web-Based Dictionary, get more info on unusual Game Words with the built-in Wiki browser, Chat with me with any feedback or bugs or suggestions for new Categories. This new version has a 'Fruit, Vegetable, Herbs and Spices' Category at the suggestion of an Educator! So it can be a learning tool as well! This version stores Scores in your Documents Folder!

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Download from MediaFire  12 May 2017, 11:04 Crea8 App Master
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